Recent Work

Check out some of the dry ice blasting, wet sandblasting, industrial cleaning, and a wide variety of jobs we've done in Toronto and across Ontario.

Baking Plate Carbon Removal at Bakery in Mississauga

1 week 5 days ago
Learn how dry ice blasting at a commercial bakery in Mississauga solves 16 hours of downtime, combined staff hours and safety issues.

The Top 3 Symptoms of Mold Exposure in Ontario

2 weeks 6 days ago
It’s never pleasant, it’s never healthy, and it’s usually gross. But how much mold exposure is too much, and how could it be affecting you and your family?

Cellulose Removal with Dry Ice Blasting in Cambridge Ontario

1 month 1 week ago
This industrial building in Cambridge required dry ice blasting to remove cellulose insulation from the entire ceiling.

Dry Ice Blasting Winder Rolls on a Paper Mill

2 months ago
Removing built up paper fibre and glue on winder rolls of a paper mill using dry ice blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting Printing Press in Woodbridge

2 months 2 weeks ago
When a printing press begins to get built up ink in and around its surfaces, the mechanical components cannot work as efficiently.