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Dry Ice Blasting Carbon Buildup on Electric Motors

Large electric motors
SubZero Blasting carried out this job for one of our steel mill customers. Our dry ice blasting team serviced these massive electric motors to remove carbon build-up, which is the brown looking dust that can be seen on the motor’s armature components.

Carbon build-up is a completely normal occurrence on motors like these, however, as the carbon dust builds up it reduces the electrical current that the motor can produce. During this company’s bi-yearly preventative maintenance shutdown, SZB goes in and dry ice blasts the motor armatures, removing all the carbon dust build-up with no mess or damage to the very sensitive mechanical components. Electrical current testing is performed both before and after blasting to determine the effectiveness of our cleaning.

A special thanks to the SZB road crew for another job well done, and to Stelco Nanticoke for having us in again to be of service. If you think that SZB’s services could also benefit your workplace, don’t hesitate to give us a call.
Northumberland Manufacturers Association
IIRC Certified