SZB blasting paper mill

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We were at a paper making facility to clean out dried paper fibers from some essential machinery. These rollers spin very fast while in operation, and can spin out of balance due to paper pulp build-up if they aren’t properly maintained. This can result in machine breakdowns and quality issues with the products being produced.

When a company uses equipment to process the types of materials that can create a significant amount of debris all day, the build-up seen around the rollers before our team came in is inevitable. Dry ice blasting is a perfect solution to safely clean up complex mechanical components, as it creates zero mess with no clean up required, and leaves these rollers ready to use again in just a matter of hours.

SubZero Blasting offers regularly scheduled dry ice blasting services to a variety of different manufacturing plants all across Ontario. Do you think that your workplace could benefit from scheduled cleaning too? Contact us for more info!