Tire and wheel assembly plant in Oshawa
Project Date
Durham Region

Eliminating rubber buildup on conveyor rollers caused by the continuous movement of thousands of tires.

This buildup led to individual rollers sticking together, resulting in jams and breakdowns.

Previously, manual cleaning required substantial effort, yielding subpar results and occasionally causing damage from scraping. 

Dry ice blasting removed 100% of the rubber from each roller without the need for disassembly, while the conveyor system remained operational, preventing downtime.

The traditional cleaning process took 20-30 minutes per roller, involving disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly, with the risk of potential damage.

In contrast, dry ice blasting only required 1 minute and 30 seconds per roller, eliminating the need for disassembly or reassembly and avoiding any damage.

Dry ice blast cleaning reduces downtime, repair expenses, and labor costs associated with jams and breakdowns.