Sandblasting Utility Truck
Project Date

Sandblasting utility truck. Rust removal with Dry Ice Co2 Blasting.

Automobile restoration is a great candidate for our mobile sandblasting cleaning services. We were given the privilege of performing this service on a utility truck in Toronto, in preparation for its new paint job.  

Utility Truck Rust and Paint Removal 

Paint, rust, dirt and grease on a service truck can be a large job to remove. This needs to be done periodically to ensure the life and proper function of the truck before a repainting.

Mobile Cleaning At Its Best

Many nooks and crannies in a large utility truck can present a challenge in reaching all the surfaces by hand. This is where Sub Zero Blasting can help you significantly reduce cleaning time and effort on your part.  

Cleaning with Compressed Air and Sand 

Our mobile cleaning units use compressed air and sand as a gentle abrasive and can easily get into all areas of the vehicle instantly removing paint, grease, grime, rust and anything else stuck to the surface of the metal.  

Let us assist you in your tough cleaning jobs, we have the tools to get it done fast and right. Call Sub Zero Blasting today to speak to a representative.