Winder rolls after dry ice blasting
Project Date

Proof of what dry ice blasting can do — in the beginning this paper mill had built up paper fibre and glue on the winder rolls causing an imbalance.

With the using dry ice blasting, we were able to eliminate all excess build up therefore improving the overall efficiency of the system.

Why Did We Choose Dry Ice Blasting?

We used this particular method of blasting for the paper mill because it was time efficient and cost effective. Because dry ice blasting accelerates the pressurized air stream of carbon dioxide it also causes no damage to the wind rollers and requires minimal cleanup.

Industrial Cleaning in Toronto

Industrial cleaning is always necessary in order to keep your machinery up to date and efficient. To ensure industrial machinery is receiving a quality, chemical free clean, Sub Zero Blasting uses dry ice blasting as a primary method in our industrial cleaning services. In addition to paper mills, industrial cleaning can also be used with:

  • food processing equipment
  • electrical equipment
  • electrical cabinets
  • motors/engines

Do you have a piece of machinery that needs restoring or cleaning?

Sub Zero Blasting offers a variety of services from dry ice blasting, to sandblasting, pressure washing and much more!