Oakville Fire Damage Restoration

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Dealing with a fire is a very difficult task and Sub Zero Blasting is here to help. Our team has  taken the extra time and training to specifically assist in the remediation efforts of a home or industrial fire.  

In 2018 our professional team, certified with the IICRC Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians course, travelled to Oakville Ontario to perform our fire damage restoration services. 

How Does Fire Restoration Work? 

If a fire has occurred and the structure is still stable, remediation and clean up takes place to remove all of the damage from fire as well from the effort to put it out. 
Damage from the water, fire, smoke and heat can all be removed at once by our team using dry ice blasting techniques. We have the skills, experience and sensitivity to handle this type of restoration with ease. 

Fire Damage Restoration Using Dry Ice Blasting 

At Sub Zero Blasting our team used our dry ice blasting mobile devices to quickly and easily restore the surfaces. With the high pressure carbon dioxide that streams from the unit, we are able to remove soot, water, heat and fire damage off the walls and surfaces.

Using no chemicals or harsh environmentally damaging cleaners we simply use pressurized dry ice to blast away everything on the surface.

Southern Ontario Fire Damage Restoration

After a fire the clean up can be a lot of work and time consuming, let us assist you in the efforts. Servicing Southern Ontario: Toronto (GTA), Hamilton, Guelph, London, Belleville, and Cobourg. Call Sub Zero Blasting today for more information on pricing and services.