Baking Plate Carbon Removal at Bakery in Mississauga
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Learn how dry ice blasting at a cookie production facility and commercial bakery in Mississauga solves 16 hours of downtime, combined staff hours and safety issues.

Why Choose Dry Ice Blasting to Remove Carbon from Baking Plates?

Sugars and batter over time create a carbon build up on these plates. Over time this carbon build up diminishes the cosmetic appearance of the cookies and the structural integrity of the product.

  • Each baking plate weighs about 100lbs
  • Required manual removal of each plate
  • Each baking plate was cleaned separately
  • Reinstallation process was time consuming
  • Process used to take 2 staff a total of 16 hours to complete
  • Dry Ice Blasting the entire machine takes 3 hours in total

Previously, this company was removing every single baking plate (which weight approximately 100lbs) from the machine and manually cleaning them. After that they were reinstalling them back into machine. It took 2 guys 16hrs to clean one machine.

With SubZero’s mobile dry ice blasting services, we can clean the entire machine and all baking plates in 3 hours. This new process saves our client quite a bit in labour costs and downtime, as well as eliminates any safety concerns by having to remove these 100 lb plates by hand.

SZB Dry Ice Blasting Services are:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% Portable
  • Cost effective
  • Efficient
  • Safe

Commercial Bakery Equipment Cleaning in Toronto

We offer dry ice blasting equipment cleaning services to several food processing facilities and commercial bakeries in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

  • Ovens
  • Conveyors
  • Mixers and much, much more!

Let SubZero Blasting save your company time, money and hassle when looking for food and bakery equipment cleaning services. Contact our team today.