In 2017 SubZero Blasting Services performed a vehicle undercoat removal. We used highly effective pressurized air in our dry ice blasting mobile unit on this particular project to ensure a waterless, dry clean for this vehicle.

Mobile Cleaning With Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice is effective, environmentally friendly and water free. It can be used for a number of different surfaces, including cleaning of manufacturing equipment, household damage from disasters, removing undercoatings from cars or paint from vehicles, signs and other equipment.

Consider dry ice blasting for your tough, large or difficult cleaning jobs

Sun Zero Blasting services can help with your:

  • Fire, smoke and mold remediation
  • Surface cleaning in factories or industrial plants
  • Cleaning oil or gas equipment
  • Vehicle, factory, home or farm equipment cleaning

Paint, Undercoating, Rust Removal For Vehicles

Let us at SubZero Blasting assist you in your tough cleaning jobs. Removal of paint, rust, coatings, oil and dirt are difficult to remove by hand.  Our professional technicians have the techniques and tools to safely remove adhered substances from your vehicle.

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