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Machine Platform Walkway Cleaning

The instant results that are visible with our fast and reliable dry ice blasting and dustless blasting techniques are a testament to the incredible cleaning power of the pressurized cleaning methods. 

Machinery Cleaning Using Mobile Services 

At Sub Zero Blasting we have the mobile devices to effortlessly make this otherwise stubborn cleaning job, happen quickly and effectively. Using highly pressurized cleaning methods we are a chemical free option for serious cleaning. 

General Maintenance of Machinery 

The heat that adheres substances to manufacturing equipment is no match for the power of our blasting tools. This material must be occasionally removed for proper function of the machinery and our industrial cleaning techniques are the answer.  

Dustless Abrasive Blasting 

One of our tools is the dustless abrasive blasting technique which removes paint and rust and can strip metal very effectively during restoration. Depending on the situation we use the type of tools needed to protect and properly clean your equipment.   

What Is Sub Zero Blasting Ideal For  

We perform a range of services such as dry ice blasting, industrial cleaning, mobile pressure washing, dustless blasting, surface preparation, mobile sandblasting and pressure washing. 

Our mobile tools and effective techniques are ideal for the following: 

  • Fire and smoke remediation, restoration, damage
  • Electrical and water sensitive equipment 
  • Manufacturing, industrial, machinery cleaning 
  • Food processing, baking plates, carbon removal
  • Paint removal from vehicles, roads, printing press ect 
  • Motor and engine cleaning        

Call today for your free estimate, there is no obligation required. We are here to assist you in all your home or industrial cleaning jobs.

Platform cleaning with dry ice blasting
Northumberland Manufacturers Association
IIRC Certified