Structural Post Sandblasting in Port Hope
Project Date
Port Hope

This mobile sandblasting job on a structural post was recently completed in Port Hope, Ontario. The metal structural post outside of this building had sustained serious weather damage over the years, resulting in badly chipped paint that was falling off in multiple places.

The unfortunate thing about painting any outdoor structure is that most paint jobs won’t hold up forever. Many surfaces will inevitably fall victim to outdoor temperature fluctuations and weathering, which can lead to fading, cracking, flaking, or peeling paint.

Trying to add a fresh coat of paint over the damage will just lead to an uneven finish that will wear down even faster than the paint underneath, so how do you get down to bare surface without having to tediously remove the paint by hand? The solution is easier than you may think.

SubZero Blasting took care of the damaged paint quickly and safely using our environmentally friendly sandblasting services. Not only is our method faster than using hand tools, it’s also much more efficient. After we had successfully finished sandblasting the structural post down to bare metal, it was officially profiled and ready for a brand-new protective coating.

Our mobile sandblasting service is suitable to use on a wide variety of materials. Not only can sandblasting strip paint and debris off metal and stone surfaces, it’s can also safely be used on wood and pieces of equipment. Do you have a building or machine in need of a thorough sandblasting too?

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