In addition to our mobile services, we now offer in-shop sandblasting and dry-ice blasting at 40 Spencer Street in Colborne, Ontario.

The team at SubZero Blasting was very happy to assist the hydro company in Ottawa with a special project recently using our unique dry ice blasting cleaning techniques. They needed help cleaning in their switch building and also cleaning of the electrical faults.

This type of cleaning is very delicate work and requires a water free and dust free cleaning method to protect the sensitive equipment from damage during cleaning.

Dry ice blasting techniques are what this project required and that is just what the team at SubZero Blasting provided.

Electrical Equipment Industrial Cleaning

Able to to used on electrical components due to its non conductive properties, dry ice blasting is the best way to quickly and effectively clean this type of project. Using compressed air instead of water means there is no danger to the electrical components.

Using our mobile cleaning tools we are able to effectively remove all the dust and debris from the sensitive machinery with our dry ice blasting equipment.

Professional Cleaning for Electrical Machinery

When you have sensitive electrical equipment that needs to be cleaned, professionals are the best option. We at SubZero Blasting have the experience and proper tools to get it done fast and protect your property from damage.

Full Service Cleaning for Your Tough Cleaning Jobs

SubZero Blasting also offers sandblasting, dustless blasting, traditional water blasting great for  rust removal, mold, brick cleaning, factory equipment cleaning, printing press roller cleaning, graffiti removal and so much more.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning in Southern Ontario, GTA

The Sub Zero Blasting team provides cleaning services across the GTA and Southern Ontario for your convenience and tough cleaning needs. Eco-friendly, professional and trusted, Sub Zero Blasting is your dry ice blasting provider for electrical cleaning in Southern Ontario.

We are available at (905) 396-4151. Reach out and ask us about the best way to tackle your cleaning project. We are here for your free consultation.

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