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Toronto Machine Shop Dry Ice Blasting

Years of build up of grease, machine oil, general residue and dirt can really impact the performance of machinery.

Having scheduled full machine shop cleanings performed by a specialized service increases efficiency and lowers operation costs overall.

Why is Industrial Blast Cleaning so Efficient? 

Our mobile units have been designed as a portable, environmentally friendly and very effective way of removing a range of stubborn residues off of industrial machinery, factory equipment, buildings and vehicles. 

Industrial Cleaning Made Easy  

Dry Ice Blasting and Sandblasting techniques are unique because they make cleaning seem like a breeze. 

Sub Zero Blasting does this by providing:

  • A fully portable and mobile unit that comes to you
  • Fast, reliable and professional team members performing the cleaning
  • No harsh chemicals that could impact health
  • No residue of cleaning products to deal with
  • Less liability and cost

At Sub Zero Blasting we assist others in optimizing their potential. Fully functioning equipment is  crucial in ensuring the production of high quality products. Let us assist you today.

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Northumberland Manufacturers Association
IIRC Certified