Dry ice blasting was the perfect solution to remove built up ink off this printing press in Cobourg, Ontario. Mobile service from Sub Zero Blasting provides efficient safe cleaning of your equipment on site in a responsible manner. 

Printing Press Cleaning 

Cleaning is a necessary part of any operation and can require specialized equipment along with plenty of time and effort. Printing press rollers get coated with years of ink and overtime need to be fully cleaned to operate properly. 

The rollers and other machinery at this printing press in Cobourg Ontario, can be easily cleaned using dry ice blasting from Sub Zero Blasting services. Equipment can be left in place and the mobile unit can come to you, meaning less hassle. Time and money well spent. 

What is Dry Ice Blasting?

Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive gentle yet powerful way of removing substances like ink off of printing press rollers. This incredible method of cleaning uses pressurized carbon dioxide to clean debris and coatings off surfaces instead of harsh solvents and scrubbing. It requires nothing but dry ice, compressed air and our trusty mobile operators! 

No harsh chemicals are needed at all to remove dirt, debris, paint, rust, mold, carbon and anything else that may be in your way of a fresh start.

Dry ice blasting is:

  • environmentally sound with no chemicals or solvents used
  • no waste product, no clean up
  • quick and efficient 
  • gentle on equipment, non abrasive
  • dry process, no water involved
  • reduce liability, equipment stays in place
  • less downtime for machinery

What else is Dry Ice Blasting used for?  

Dry ice blasting is ideal for jobs like removing rust off equipment before a new coat of paint or cleaning up after an emergency removing mold or water stains. 

Useful also for grease and oil build up on machinery and any factory equipment needing a deep clean.  

Dry Ice Blasting is perfect for:

  • cleaning of intricate equipment or machinery
  • fire and smoke damage clean up
  • water and mold remediation 
  • rust and debris removal before painting
  • industry equipment - food production, industrial machinery, manufacturing equipment, motor, oil and grease cleaning 

Choose Sub Zero Blasting for your Cleaning Needs

We are a fully mobile service based out of Cobourg Ontario, ready and able to tackle your serious cleaning problems in a responsible affordable way. 

Sub Zero Blasting services include dustless blasting, surface preparation, graffiti removal and industrial non-abrasive cleaning services, dry ice blasting, wet blasting, mobile sandblasting and industrial machinery cleaning. 

Let us come to you and get your home or business clean today.

Mobile Service in Southern Ontario  

Everything is easier to clean in place and on site and with Sub Zero Blasting services we make this happen for you. Our mobile services travel all over Southern Ontario,  near the GTA, Toronto and surrounding areas including Hamilton, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, London, Barrie, Kawartha Lakes, Peterborough, Cobourg, Belleville and Kingston, Ontario.

For Print Press Cleaning we are your solution for fast and serious deep cleaning. Saving you time and money. 

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