After dry ice blasting baking stones
Project Date

Using our dry ice blasting service to remove carbon build up from baking stones in Toronto, Ontario at a food processing plant.

Commercial baking stones can last for many years, offering a premium baking experience for a bakery, restaurant, or food processing plant. These stones are the key to producing artisan breads, quality pizza, and many other baked goods.

Carbon Buildup on Baking Stones

Baking stones absorb detergents and soaps, and so cannot be ‘washed’ using conventional methods. Generally, the stones can simply be scraped clean - but with routine use, especially in a commercial environment, carbon buildup can affect the aesthetic and quality of baked goods.

Difficult and Time Consuming

Cleaning these stones can be a difficult and time-consuming task, as the stones are large and extremely heavy. Methods which use water can result in damaged stones when the water is absorbed and later released as steam, compromising the integrity of the stone.

High heat can ‘burn away’ some buildup, but will still leave carbon behind and reduce the life of the stone in the long run.

Some facilities try to restore their baking stones with heating and manual scraping over many hours, leaving baking stones out of service and staff tied up with cleaning instead of production.

What is The Best Way to Clean Baking Stones?

The best way to clean carbon buildup from commercial baking stones is by using professional dry ice blasting.

Subzero Blasting is equipped and experienced for your commercial baking supply cleaning needs, such as this food processing plant in Toronto.

Our team’s skilled dry ice blasting prolongs the life of your equipment and reduces labour costs and downtime.