Hamilton Print Press Cleaning Oct 2015
Project Date

When inks are used on a printing press like this one in Hamilton Ontario, the equipment will need to be well cleaned periodically during its lifespan.

This can be a very difficult and time consuming task for employees to take on themselves often requiring specialized equipment to properly do this.

How do you clean ink off easily and effectively? Ink is a tough one.  

Ink Removal and Industrial Cleaning 

Dry Ice Blasting is THE best way to remove stuck on coatings such as ink and debris off of machinery.

Industrial cleaning is a large job best performed by professionals and at this printing press in Hamilton Ontario we used Dry Ice Blasting to do this.

Our mobile services bring the deep cleaning to you! 

Dry Ice CO2 Blasting  

Performed by Sub Zero Blasting, this type of pressurized system is a mobile cleaning service  that uses compressed carbon dioxide to clean debris off of virtually anything.

We can easily get into the cracks and crevices of the equipment while being gentle and non-abrasive. Machinery can stay in place lessening the work you need to do.

Also great for removing mold, grease, rust and paint to just to name a few.  

Why Choose Sub Zero Blasting?  

  • Less work and safety concerns for employees
  • Deep full clean with no chemicals
  • Saving time using professionals and specialized equipment
  • Longer term life and performance of equipment
  • Less chance of equipment failure during production
  • All mobile services, quick and professional 

Southern Ontario Mobile CO2 Blasting

Saving you time and money let Sub Zero Blasting do the dirty work. We offer services in Southern Ontario and the GTA area. Call us today for a free quote.