Float trailer restoration
Project Date

First, we took apart the trailer to treat the individual pieces. The frame, rims, and axles had to be thoroughly sandblasted to remove any cracked or blistered paint along with the rust damage.

After the metal frame was thoroughly cleaned of the rust, it was sent out for a galvanized dip. In the meantime, the rims and axels were now profiled and given an epoxy coat in our shop. Once the trailer returned from galvanizing and all parts were given a protective coating it was reassembled and ready to go back on the road.

Environmentally Friendly Trailer Restoration

All our sandblasting and restoration services are environmentally friendly, and provides long term damage resistance and protection from rust decay and paint blistering. If you have equipment in need of a similar restoration, we provide industrial quality coatings and paint services to the towns of Northumberland, as well as surrounding areas.