Cleaning rollers at courier facility with dry ice blasting in Ottawa
Project Date

We recently completed a dry ice blasting project for a shipping company in Ottawa, Ontario.

The shipping company had conveyor belts and rollers covered in stuck-on labels.

Traditional cleaning methods weren’t effective or efficient enough, so they needed a powerful, quick and safe solution to avoid downtime.

We chose dry ice blasting because it’s both effective, fast and eco-friendly.

Dry ice blasting uses solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets to clean surfaces without leaving any residue.

The dry ice pellets quickly remove labels without damaging surfaces or using harmful chemicals.

This makes it safe for both the environment and our workers.

The project took only a few hours and by the end, the conveyor belts and rollers looked almost new.

The shipping company was thrilled with the results and appreciated our quick and thorough cleaning.