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December 2018 Surface Rust Removal in Cobourg

Most commercial and industrial settings have emergency sprinkler systems to protect from fire. These systems automatically spray water when a rise in temperature is detected which indicates a fire.

Many people don’t give a second thought to their sprinkler system until it is activated, at which point the average sprinkler system discharges between 20 and 40 gallons of water each minute it is running.

Even a very brief activation due to a very small fire, a malfunction, or a false alarm, can leave behind enough water to get into machines and equipment - forming a layer of surface rust on metal which can be challenging to remove.

Sprinkler Rust Damage After Fire

A small fire in this Cobourg location set off the emergency sprinklers. While the fire was thankfully not serious and was extinguished immediately, the resulting rust damage to machinery posed a lasting problem.

Cleaning surface rust from this industrial machine required the expert touch of Subzero Blasting, and we were more than happy to help.

Why Use Dry Ice Blasting?

  • Dry ice blasting is a cost-effective and safe solution for rust damage on machinery
  • Dry ice is not conductive and will not cause damage to intricate moving parts in your equipment
  • Learn more about our mobile dry ice blasting services in Ontario

When fire safety becomes rust damage, give us a call and we will return your machinery to its peak condition as soon as possible.

Surface rust removed
Northumberland Manufacturers Association
IIRC Certified