In addition to our mobile services, we now offer in-shop sandblasting and dry-ice blasting at 40 Spencer Street in Colborne, Ontario.

You may have noticed how common it is to see dirty, rusted out trailers on the road, but why do these newer trailers develop rust so quickly to begin with?

The answer is a poor paint job. Manufacturers don’t put the time into sandblasting their surfaces for paint when preparing metal for utility trailers such as this one due to the extra time and cost involved. This means that, while a brand-new trailer may look slick when it rolls out of the factory, it won’t take long for it to have rust begin creeping under the paint, causing visible spotting and deterioration that weakens the integrity of the frame.

Trailer Sandblasting and Coating Prevents Damage

A complete sandblast and repaint on a chipped up and rusting trailer will stop the damage in its tracks. Sandblasting the metal cleans it and creates a rough texture profile that will anchor the paint.

Once the sandblasting stage is finished, an industrial quality coating over the newly cleaned and profiled metal surface will leave you with an extremely durable finish that will keep the frame protected from any rain, snow, or salt that the roads throw at it for years to come.

Sandblasting Trailers in Northumberland

A trailer such as this one will cost around $10,000 brand new. It’d be crazy to let such an expensive piece of equipment rot away with rust damage when all it takes to save it is a properly prepared surface and sturdy coat of industrial quality paint. 
SubZero Blasting tackled this sandblasting trailer restoration in just 3 days. The cost of sandblasting and coating was a fraction of the cost of a brand-new replacement trailer. Not only does this restoration method improve the safety and life-expectancy of your trailer, it also improves the image of your business. 

Looking for Trailer Sandblasting Near You?

SubZero Blasting provides on-site and in-shop sandblasting solutions to the towns of Northumberland and surrounding areas, including Cobourg, Port Hope, Colborne, and Bewdley.

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