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Toronto Brick Restoration Sept 2018

Sept 2018 brick restoration job by Subzero Blasting using dustless blasting techniques in Toronto, Ontario. Bringing this brick wall back to life with our fully mobile dustless sandblasting service.

Painting Bricks was Popular

Trends to paint our building bricks with colours was very popular in the past and many home and building owners are looking to restore the original look of the bricks. And why not? They are gorgeous. 

Brick Restoration Made Easy

Bricks are a great building material and can last a long time but their surfaces can become dirty, tired and worn looking over the years. Often times bricks were coated with paint covering their beauty and many are looking to remove this paint now. 
We can also clean older bricks making them look fresh and new again.

Easy Paint Removal with Dustless Sandblasting

Removing paint from surfaces can be a difficult task but we have developed an easy way to remove paint from bricks. Using our mobile dustless sandblasting techniques, we are able to quickly and effectively lift the paint and debris revealing a fresh new surface. 

Water Free and Chemical Free Cleaning

Since the bricks would absorb water causing issues with the integrity of the material, we do this process without any water. Our mobile units use compressed air with sand in the mixture as an abrasive material. No chemicals are used and the cleaning is fully environmentally friendly. 

Our mobile units are able to provide strong cleaning power using a water free method, protecting the integrity of the bricks.  

GTA and Southern Ontario 

We travel to the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Southern Ontario providing a full range of powerful, environmentally friendly mobile cleaning services. 

Call us today to schedule your job or discuss cleaning options.

Brick Restoration
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