Railroad station Parry Sound

Clean delicate historic surfaces, such as monuments, statues, and architectural features, without causing damage.

Blasting methods are often used to properly restore historical structures due to their capability in properly removing various eyesores and contaminants around any building or home. Traditional methods can be less effective and damaging in historical restoration because they can leave surfaces damaged.

Subzero Blasting is capable of handling most kinds of surfaces across Ontario. These services include the removal of graffiti, adhesive, tar, and corrosive contaminants. We also use blasting methods for lead paint abatement, remediation, fire, smoke, and water damage. Most importantly, our blasting methods can provide of reversal of aging effect on historical buildings and homes.

  • Graffiti removal
  • Lead paint abatement
  • Fire, smoke, water damage
  • Adhesive and tar removal
  • Reversal of aging effect
  • Removal of corrosive contaminants
  • Remediation

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