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Sandblasting Sign in Toronto

SubZero Blasting stripping a metal sign back to original surface with the dustless blaster, to be reused for a new sign.

Signs that are posted along our streets or in our workplaces are made from metal and metal rusts over time.  If properly taken care of these signs can be reused and repainted saving the cost of a new sign.  

At Sub Zero Blasting we are proud to assist in this process and in 2018 we used our mobile sandblasting unit to create a new clean surface on these signs in Toronto, Ontario.   

How Does Mobile Sandblasting Work?

Compressed air and sand are mixed together in a machine and using a handheld nozzle attached to a mobile unit, the operator directs the highly pressurized stream towards the sign.
The sheer power of the abrasive sand travelling in the stream allows for fast and easy removal of paint off of a sign. No chemicals are needed and a smooth re-paintable surface is all that remains.   

What Sandblasting Removes 

This is an abrasive and dry process, making it easy work removing:  

  • Paint
  • Rust
  • Mold and fire damage
  • Masonry concrete
  • Metal or wood
  • Glass frosting preparation
  • Road lines

Full Services in the GTA and Southern Ontario 

We offer mobile dry ice blasting, full industrial cleaning, dustless blasting, mobile power washing and much more throughout the GTA and southern Ontario area. Reach out today to make your cleaning tasks easier and effortless. 

Sandblasting Sign
Northumberland Manufacturers Association
IIRC Certified