Print press ink dispenser cleaning

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This printing press was covered in ink and debris before a full industrial cleaning with dry ice blasting by Sub Zero Blasting mobile services.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning using environmentally friendly dry ice blasting and dustless abrasive blasting is the best way to remove ink off of equipment, shown in this example from a Printing Press Ink Dispenser in Toronto, Ontario.

The Dry Ice Blasting Advantage

Using reclaimed carbon dioxide compressed into a powerful high pressured unit, we can clean any surface with our mobile services.

The Dustless Abrasive Blasting Advantage 

Dustless abrasive blasting uses the addition of a fine recycled bottle glass in the process to effectively remove stuck on paints, inks, rust, dirt, grease and many other substances.   

Throughout Ontario

The mobile service provided by Sub Zero Blasting which travels all over Southern Ontario and the GTA is process that is quick, effective and affordable reducing downtime in your production. 

Call Sub Zero Blasting Services today for your cleaning needs, large and small.