Monument Cleaning 2018
Project Date

Sub Zero Blasting restores this monument back to its original state at a home owners’ property in Toronto, November of 2018.

Restore Your Outdoor Furniture With Mobile Pressure Cleaning Power

With Sub Zero Blasting, we can restore the natural look of your outdoor furniture, statues or monuments with our powerful mobile cleaning tools. Objects made of stone, concrete, wood or metal are no match for the power of pressurized cleaning power.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning for Concrete

We guarantee zero use of harsh chemicals in our services and can perform a variety of cleaning methods. Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning difficult objects outside such as:

  • Concrete benches
  • Monuments
  • Garden features or fountains
  • Fencing, siding, concrete patio stones
  • Signs, vehicles, farm equipment

Please see our list of services for our full range of cleaning potential.

Monument and Outdoor Statue Cleaning in the GTA

We have a variety of services that are tailored to your specific job and all are mobile, bringing the cleaning power to you.

We travel to the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Southern Ontario providing a full range of powerful, environmentally friendly mobile cleaning services.

Call us today to schedule your job or discuss the various options. We value your business and look forward to hearing from you.