Cleaning industrial machinery is important in making your machinery last long and work efficiently. Industrial machinery often needs to use blasting as a method of cleaning because the high pressure allows for a top notch clean.

Industrial Sandblasting & Dry Ice Blasting Services

Industrial heat transfer equipment can get bogged down with a lot of dirt and grime causing lower efficiency of machine operation, in turn causing unnecessary wear on equipment. 

Our dry ice blast machine blasts out a powerful force of air with dry ice particles causing thermo dynamic shock on impact in turn causing co2 expansion obliterating all that's in its path.

Leaving a clean, just like new surface. This is only one example of what dry ice blast cleaning can do.

To ensure industrial machinery is receiving a quality, chemical free clean, Sub Zero Blasting uses dry ice blasting as a primary method of cleaning. In the past, we have cleaned machine platforms, entire machine shops, and even print presses using dry ice blasting.

  • manufacturing equipment
  • with food processing equipment
  • electrical equipment
  • electrical cabinets
  • pulp and paper equipment
  • motors/engines

Industrial Blasting in Toronto, GTA, and Throughout Ontario

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