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Dry Ice Blasting a Machine Platform Walkway

In 2016 we performed our industrial cleaning services on a machine platform walkway. Using our dry ice blasting mobile unit we were able to remove the years of build up on this network of walkways above a manufacturing plant.

Dry Ice is Perfect for Machinery and Industrial Cleaning

When it becomes pressurized, dry ice contains the ability to remove tough surfaces in a non-abrasive and chemical free way. Mobile dry ice blasting is a useful and affordable way to easily clean machinery, industrial equipment, vehicles and so much more in a powerful way.

Competitive Rates With a Quick Turnaround Time Is Our Promise

At SubZero Blasting we are dedicated to high quality work and personal service. Our technicians will perform professionally and get the job done fast and right. Reducing downtime in your business by coming in after operating hours to clean, we can save your company time and money.

We Can Help You Decide Your Type of Cleaning Techniques

If you have a surface in need of cleaning and are not sure how to tackle it, contact us today. Our cleaning experts have the knowledge to help you decide.

Serving Southern Ontario, Grafton, Oshawa and Pickering, Cobourg areas as well as the GTA, Sub Zero is a fully mobile cleaning service that is committed to serving you.

Dry ice blasting machine platform walkway
Northumberland Manufacturers Association
IIRC Certified