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Manufacturing Facility Maintenance

Our Manufacturing Facility Maintenance service area includes Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville, Northumberland, Peterborough, Kawartha Lakes, Barrie, Oshawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, Kitchener, London, Niagara Falls and throughout Ontario.

We offer industrial facility maintenance services in Toronto and across Ontario to a variety of industries including automotive, healthcare, electrical, food and beverage manufacturing.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid costly repairs down the road. By performing preventative maintenance, you'll save money and time. You'll also increase the longevity of your facility.

Deep Cleaning

Cleaning is one of the most overlooked aspects of facility maintenance. A clean environment is necessary. We use a variety of techniques from sweeping to dusting to dry ice blasting when needed.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the least expensive type of maintenance. Routine maintenance includes cleaning, inspecting, lubricating, and testing.

Equipment Maintenance

Equipment maintenance is a very important aspect in facility maintenance. If equipment is not maintained properly, then it will break sooner rather than later. This can be costly to fix, especially if the equipment is expensive.

Scheduled Service Calls

Scheduled service calls are scheduled maintenance visits. These visits are planned and done at specific times throughout the year. Scheduled service calls help ensure that your facility runs smoothly and efficiently.

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