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Dry ice blasting is a cleaning method that utilizes solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets accelerated by compressed air to remove contaminants from various surfaces.

This process is eco-friendly and doesn't involve abrasive materials. Here's how it works: first, carbon dioxide gas is turned into solid pellets.

These pellets are then blasted onto the surface using compressed air. When they hit the surface, the dry ice pellets break up and remove contaminants.

The unique part is that dry ice turns back into gas during this process, leaving no extra waste.

This cleaning method is handy for various tasks, like getting rid of coatings, adhesives, or dirt on surfaces. It's popular in industries where being clean without using water or chemicals is crucial, such as in food or electronics.

Dry ice blasting is safe, effective, and doesn't require a lot of downtime. Plus, it's especially useful because it doesn't leave behind any secondary waste. Overall, it's a versatile and environmentally friendly way of cleaning and preparing surfaces.