Kingston pool restoration

Prepare pool and spa surfaces for refinishing or repainting by removing old coatings and calcium deposits.

SZB is your trusted partner in pool and spa restoration, covering the expansive area from Toronto to Kingston and Ottawa. From minor touch-ups to major makeovers, our services are designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal and hygiene of your aquatic facilities.

We offer a wide range of cutting-edge techniques, including dry ice blasting, sandblasting, and various types of abrasive blasting, ensuring that your pool and spa spaces regain their original luster and beauty.

Contact us today to discuss your specific project and receive a tailored quote for our top-tier restoration services.

Sandblasting for Pools

We use sandblasting to clean the surface of pools in Toronto and across Ontario. The result is that the old pool paint is completely removed ready for the coating process.

Epoxy Pool Paint Coating

We offer epoxy pool paint coating for pool restorations. They provide a durable finish that protects the pool against algae and mildew.