Before - After concrete sealer removal

Specially designed for removing concrete sealers, our media blasting specialists can blast concrete or interlocking brick sealant away, so you never have to worry about it again.

Our concrete sealer removal service is available from Toronto to Hamilton, Ottawa, and throughout Ontario.

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Our company has been providing the best blasting service possible to our customers for many years.

We are committed to continually providing top quality work at affordable rates.

Why choose our concrete sealer removal service?

Failed sealer will often become dull and hazy over time.

This can be from incorrect sealer being used, incorrect application, or simply a biproduct of age. If a driveway’s sealant has begun to wear away, soda blasting can remove any remaining sealant.

This allows re-sealing to be done without any of the discoloration that can occur if new sealer is applied over the old coating. Although it may look like the concrete or pavers are in need of a complete replacement, we can fix it.

SZB offers sealer removal from concrete, paving stones, brick, flagstone, and more.

Our blast media is gentle but effective, with minimal disturbance to the substrate, and without any risk to nearby vegetation. Our technicians can blast any type of concrete sealer so long as it is applied to the surface. Our professional blasting experts with ensure all concrete sealers are removed and completely safe.

Media Blasting for Concrete Sealer Removal Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gentle and effective, with no surface damage
  • Quickly removes old sealer
  • Less damage to substrate than other sealer removal methods
  • Safer
  • Doesn’t use solvents or toxic chemical concrete sealer strippers like muriatic acid or xylene

Suitable for use on decorative concrete and natural stone, including flagstone, interlocking pavers, brick, exposed aggregate, and limestone.