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Dustless Blasting of Patio Stones in 2016

Dustless Blasting is a powerful cleaning tool that can be used for almost any surface to strip it of  stuck on paint, dirt, oil, carbon and rust. To keep your patio stones looking good and your backyard fresh each year, occasional deep cleaning may be required. Let us help you.

Powerful Concrete Cleaning With Easy Clean Up

At SubZero Blasting, we use dustless blasting because it’s simple, powerful and easily transportable. In our units, we use recycled glass product and pressurized water to produce a clean surface with no airborne dust blooms, chemicals or mess.

Patio Stones Come Out Looking Like New Again

In 2016, SubZero Blasting technicians used our dustless blasting mobile unit to quickly remove all the dirt, oil and debris from these patio stones, getting all the crevices in between them as well.

Ideal for outdoor areas, cleaning concrete patio stones, monuments, statues, outdoor furniture and much more.

Patio Stone Cleaning In Southern Ontario: We Come To You

Let us at SubZero Blasting make your concrete patio stones look like new with our dustless blasting techniques. We will come to you with our fully mobile cleaning services.

Serving the GTA and Southern Ontario including Cobourg, Peterborough, Port Hope, Quinte West, Belleville and surrounding areas.

Dustless blasting patio stones
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