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In Shop

Our shop is optimized for all project sizes, from large equipment and machinery to individual pieces and components.

Any parts in need of servicing can be dropped off at your convenience.

We can also arrange for pick-up and delivery to ensure the best service availability for both our shop and our customers.

In-Shop Sandblasting and Dry Ice Blasting

SubZero’s blasting and restoration services are environmentally friendly and avoid use of harsh chemicals.

Profiling surfaces using our blasting techniques provides long term damage resistance and protection from rust decay and paint blistering for years to come.

Surface Preparation and Coatings

The best way to prevent future decay on metal equipment is with a sturdy long-lasting protective coating.

To help ensure you get the best possible lifespan out of your equipment, our shop offers galvanized dips, epoxy priming, and protective epoxy top coats to keep your machines, equipment, and components rust-free and clean.  

Welding and Fabrication

SubZero’s in-house specialists are trained and equipped to tackle any of your custom welding or fabrication needs.  

SubZero’s in-shop services include sandblasting, dry ice blasting, coating, welding and fabricating at our shop located at 40 Spencer St. Colborne, ON.